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(新教材)2021-2022学年高中外研版英语选择性必修第一册素养检测:UNIT 5 REVEALING NATURE PERIOD 4 WORD版含解析.doc

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(新教材)2021-2022学年高中外研版英语选择性必修第一册素养检测:UNIT 5 REVEALING NATURE PERIOD 4 WORD版含解析.doc

温馨提示: 此套题为Word版,请按住Ctrl,滑动鼠标滚轴,调节合适的观看比例,答案解析附后。关闭Word文档返回原板块。课时素养检测 二十Unit 5Period 4. 阅读理解AA biologist once criticized for stealing eggs from the nests of the rarest bird in the world has been awarded the “Nobel Prize” of conservation after his methods saved nine species from extinction. Professor Carl Jones won the 2016 Indianapolis Prizethe highest accolade in the field of animal conservationfor his 40 years of work in Mauritius,where he saved an endangered kestrel from becoming the next Great Auk. When the 61-year-old first travelled to the east African island in the 1970s,he was told to close down a project to save the Mauritius kestrel. At the time there were just four left in the wild,making it the rarest bird on Earth. However,he stayed,using the techniques of captive breeding (人工繁殖),which involved snatching eggs from the birds nests and hatching(孵化)them under incubators,prompting the mothers to lay another set of eggs in the wild. A decade later,the number of Mauritius kestrels had soared to over 300 and today there are around 400 in the wild. The biologist has also been necessary in efforts to bring other rare species back from the edge of extinction,including the pink pigeon,echo parakeet and Rodrigues warbler. Prof Jones was awarded the $250,000 (172,000) prize at a ceremony in London. “As a young man in my 20s,I certainly didnt enjoy the stress and the tension of the criticism I received,” reflecting on the start of his career,he said the Maurutius kestrel project had been seen as a “dead loss” at the time. In the 1970s there was fierce opposition to the captive breeding techniques,with critics arguing that they were too risky and took the emphasis off breeding in the wild. Prof Jones has devoted his whole life to his work,only becoming a father for the first time eight years ago,at 53. He said receiving the prize was particularly important to him,because it proved that his work to save birds was right. 【语篇概述】本文是一篇记叙文。文章介绍了生物学家Carl Jones通过人工繁殖的方式使濒临灭绝的鸟类的数量逐渐增加,并且因此获得了2016年的印第安纳波利斯奖。1. What does the underlined word “accolade” mean in Paragraph 2?A. returnB. levelC. honorD. research【解析】选C。词义猜测题。由于破折号后面的句子是对前面句子的补充说明,故由“won the 2016 Indianapolis Prize”可推知,这里的“accolade”与获奖有关,所以C项“荣誉”符合题意。2. According to the passage,Great Auk is_.  A. an endangered birdB. an extinct birdC. a popular birdD. a fierce bird【解析】选B。细节理解题。根据文章第二段最后一句中的“he saved an endangered kestrel from becoming the next Great Auk”可知,他保护了濒临灭绝的红隼,使它免于遭受Great Auk的情况,所以,Great Auk是已经灭绝的一种鸟类。故选B。3. What can we know from the figures in Paragraph 4?A. Taking eggs from the nests has worked well. B. The wild environment for kestrel has changed a lot. C. Kestrel has adapted to the life in the wild. D. Its difficult to protect kestrel. 【解析】选A。推理判断题。根据文章第四段第一句中的“had soared to over 300 and today there are around 400 in the wild. ”可知,红隼的数量已经开始增加了,所以可推断人工繁殖的方法很有效,与第三段中的“人工繁殖”相对应。故选A。4. Prof Jones idea of taking eggs from the birds nests _.  A. was proved of no useB. was widely acceptedC. was promoted officiallyD. was criticized by some people【解析】选D。细节理解题。根据文章第一段第一句中的“A biologist once criticized. . . the rarest bird”及文章倒数第二段最后一句中的“In the 1970s there was. . . that they were too risky”可知琼斯教授从稀有鸟类的巢穴中取出鸟蛋的行为被一些人所批评。故选D。BThe killdeer,a small bird known for its high-pitched (声调高的) call,could lead to the cancellation of one of Canada biggest music festivals. The first hint of trouble for Ottawas Bluesfest,an outdoor festival that draws around 300,000 people each year,came last week after workers at the site found one of the birds. It had laid four eggs nearby,effectively claiming the main stage area as its nesting ground. “This is one of the most challenging problems weve been presented with,but we feel we can work through this,” said Mark Monahan,executive director of the festival. “Anything that changes the schedule has a major effect,so were taking it very seriously. ” The discovery meant that government officials rushed to protect the nest and the eggs,hiring a security guard to watch over them 24 hours a day. Environmentalists were also brought in. “We dont know when the eggs might hatch,” said Monahan. What is known is that the young killdeer will likely leave the nest soon after they are hatched,leading many to hope that the eggs hatch in the next day or so. The festival is now seeking permission from Environment Canada to relocate the nest some 50 meters away or take it to a wildlife center. Moving the nest would also ensure the bird and its young would be protected during the festivals 11-day run,said Monahan. Its highly likely that the festivals thousands of attendees would cause huge problems for the bird and its eggs. Monahan was confident that the festival would go on as planned,however. “Most of the people were working with are looking for a positive solution,” Monahan said. “There is no one say


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