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(新教材)2021-2022学年高中外研版英语选择性必修第一册素养课件:UNIT 6 NURTURING NATURE PERIOD 1 .ppt

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(新教材)2021-2022学年高中外研版英语选择性必修第一册素养课件:UNIT 6 NURTURING NATURE PERIOD 1 .ppt

Unit 6 Nurturing nature Period 1 Starting out&Understanding ideas 语篇研读课 自主素养储备自主素养储备.新词相知新词相知(一一)连线相匹配的英语释义。连线相匹配的英语释义。【答案答案】eafbgcd massive delicate splendid leisure radiation mirror-like wander a.having a fine structure that is easily damaged or broken b.the time when you are not working or are not busy c.like a mirror d.to go somewhere at a leisurely pace e.large,solid,and heavy f.seems to be impressive and beautiful g.energy emitted from a source in the form of rays or waves,e.g.heat,light,or sound(二二)结合语境结合语境,从上面的表格中选择恰当的单词填空。从上面的表格中选择恰当的单词填空。1.It is said that mobile phone _may cause brain illness.2.Let us work together for a more _future.3.A _population still has health problems.4.He did nothing but _on the street.radiation splendid massive wander.短语熟记短语熟记 选择恰当的短语补全下列语境。选择恰当的短语补全下列语境。at ones leisure,allow.to,in order to,located at,make sure,thanks to 1.Please _me _express how much I appreciate your help.2._the bottom of the CD,the word“Microsoft”is printed.3._the Internet,its easy to compare prices for everything.4.He always plays it _or before sleep every day.5._do his scientific experiment,Edison had to work at the age of his teens.6.We have to find more ways to _we have room to operate.allow to Located at Thanks to at his leisure In order to make sure 课文浅触课文浅触 1.阅读阅读The Sky Railway,思考你对这个标题的理解。思考你对这个标题的理解。2.Why is the Qinghai-Tibet Railway called the Sky Railway?_ _ _ Because it is a“impossible”railway in the world with the care the environment deserves and a record to overcome the most difficult engineering challenges.Step 1 While reading.Find the answers to the questions in the form.探究素养提能探究素养提能 Why the railway is particularly special to the author?He was travelling along the railway that many foreign experts claimed was 1.“_”He was one of the people who 2._ on this railway The unforgettable experience of the building work of this railway The 3._ and the passages The building of the 4._ railway station The 5._ for the plants and animals impossible worked bridges highest care.Choose the best answer.1.Which is the first station of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway?A.Qinghai.B.Tibet.C.Xining.D.Lhasa.2.Which of the following is not mentioned in the passage?A.The efforts to overcome the most difficult engineering challenges.B.How to protect the delicate ecosystem.C.The greatest challenges for railway workers.D.The cost of building the railway.答案答案:12.CD.Answer the following questions.1.What does the title“The Sky Railway”mean?_ _ 2.Why is the Qinghai-Tibet Railway“impossible”?_ _ It is a song which represents the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the importance of its building.Because it took years to overcome so many difficult engineering challenges and protected the delicate ecosystem as well.Sentence explanation.Sitting back in my seat,I cant quite believe that Im about to travel along the railway that many foreign experts claimed was“impossible”.分析分析:本句包含一个宾语从句和定语从句。本句包含一个宾语从句和定语从句。Sitting back in my seat,I cant quite believe 非谓语动词非谓语动词 that Im about to travel along the railway that 宾语从句宾语从句 定语从句定语从句 many foreign experts claimed was“impossible”.插入语插入语 句意句意:坐在我的座位上坐在我的座位上,我还是不能相信我将沿着许多外国专家认为我还是不能相信我将沿着许多外国专家认为“不可能不可能”的铁路旅行。的铁路旅行。Step 2 Post-reading Suppose you are a traveler,try to tell the journey along the railway.Since our train left Xining,the song“Sky Railway”has been playing 1._.The first landmark to 2._is the splendid Qingshuihe Bridge,the worlds longest bridge 3._permafrost.I can see many wild animals such as the Tibetan antelopes moving in their 4._.Tanggula Station,the highest railway station in the world,is 5._ over 5,000 metres 6._.Cuona Lake is so close to the railway that I inside my head catch my eye built over natural habitat located at above sea level want to reach out and touch its pale blue 7._ surface.Thanks to our country and the railway workers,I can enjoy these 8._in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.mirror-like magical landscapes Pre-reading Heaven Road Early morning standing on the green ranch I caught sight of eagles in the sun glow Flying across the blue sky like an auspicious cloud And bringing auspiciousness to the Tibetan sons and daughters Its really a magical heaven road By which the terrestrial warmth is sent to the frontier From now on the mountains seem not so high and the roads not so long Children of all ethnic groups gather together happily At dusk standing on the high hill I sighted the railway built stretching to my hometown Like dragons climbing over mountains and mountains It brings peace and happiness to the snowy plateau Its really a magical heaven road Taking us to the paradise on earth Highland barley wine and buttered tea will be more aromatic and sweeter Songs of happiness will spread all over the land Have you ever heard about this song?.Answer the following questions.1.Q:How many parts does the passage contain?A:_ 2.Q:What is the topic of the passage?A:The _ Railwaythe _ Railway.Two.Sky Qinghai-Tibet.Fill in the form below.The travel along the Sky Railway The train has bee


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