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2011山东高考英语一轮复习巩固提升测试(新人教版)必修4 UNIT 2 WORKING THE LAND.doc

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2011山东高考英语一轮复习巩固提升测试(新人教版)必修4 UNIT 2 WORKING THE LAND.doc

必修4 Unit 2 Working the land基础操练. 单词拼写1. (饥饿) is the best sauce. 2. Her shoulders were badly (晒伤). 3. Another (超级) skyscraper is being built.4. Manufacturing (产量) has increased by 8%. 5. The business has (扩展) a big one.6. Farmers produce millions of tons of g to feed the nation. 7. Would you mind writing a s of the passage? About 200 words are OK. 8. At that time the British pound can e 2.80. 9. Shes c to do well in the examination. 10. Doctor gave me some advice on diet and n . 用方框内所给单词或短语的适当形式填空be satisfied with/graduate from/struggle/lead a .life/with the hope of/rid of1. I the result of the experiment.2. They have for years to drive the invaders out of their country.3. We all wish that we could the world crime.4. In some less developed areas in China, some farmers are still poor .5. After college, he went to Shenzhen getting a chance to become rich soon. 同义句转换1. Better stay with us. If you stay with us, you are much safer. Better stay with us. If , you are much safer.2. That was the way he treated his parents. That was his parents. 3. The weather in Kunming is much better than the weather in Harbin. The weather in Kunming is much better than in Harbin.4. As she didnt know the way to the hospital, she turned to the police for help. Not the way to the hospital, she turned to the police for help.5. They went to the supermarket on foot instead of by taxi. They went to the supermarket on foot by taxi.提升练习. 单项填空从A、B、C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。1. We have learned 3,000 words . A. during past decade B. in the past decadeC. a decade ago D. after a decade 2. Our monitor made it to read English every morning. A. a habit B. habit C. rule D. a duty 3. Two years ago, I a high school. A. graduate for B. graduated from C. left from D. left for 4. the good weather, we can climb the mountain easily. A. Because B. As C. Thanks to D. Because for 5. The bedroom is twice the kitchen. A. as bigger as B. bigger than C. big than D. bigger to 6. Seldom what I says. A. does my mother care for B. my mother cared about C. my mother care for D. does my mother care about7. I to him. He is too serious. A. didnt use to talk B. am not used to talking C. am not used to talk D. didnt use to talking 8. When you are confused about some words in reading, you can the dictionary. A. refer to B. look up C. check D. have a look at 9. Our country vegetable. A. is rich in B. are rich in C. was rich on D. rich for 10. We he be present at the meeting. A. insist on B. insisted C. stuck D. insisted on . 阅读理解阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C和D)中,选出最佳选项。AEven plant can run a fever, especially when theyre under attack by insects or disease. But unlike human, plants can have their temperature taken from 3,000 feet awaystraight up. A decade ago, adopting the infrared(红外线)scanning technology developed for military purposes and other satellites, physicist Stephen Paley came up with a quick way to take the temperature of crops to determine which ones are under stress. The goal was to let farmers precisely target pesticide(杀虫剂)spraying rather than rain poison on a whole field, which invariably includes plants that dont have pest problems.Even better, Paleys Remote Scanning Services Company could detect crop problems before they became visible to the eye. Mounted on a plane flown at 3,000 feet at night, an infrared scanner measured the heat emitted by crops. The data were transformed into a colou-coded map showing where plants were running “fevers”. Farmers could then spot-spray, using 50 to 70 percent less pesticide than they otherwise would.The bad news is that Paleys company closed down in 1984, after only three years. Farmers resisted the new technology and long-term backers were hard to find. But with the renewed concern about pesticides on produce, and refinements in infrared scanning, Paley hopes to get back into operation. Agriculture experts have no doubt the technology works. “This technique can be used on 75 percent of agricultural land in the United States, ” says George Oerther of Texas A & M. Ray Jackson, who recently retired from the Department of Agriculture, thinks remote infrared crop scanning could be adopted by the end of the decade. But only if Paley finds the financial backing which he failed to obtain 10 years ago.1. Plants wi


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